Vital Gardens has installed irrigation systems for various project sizes. Our contacts with irrigation suppliers has enabled this service to be installed at very competitive prices, with the design of such systems completed free of charge to our clients. All irrigation systems installed incorporate products of a high standard, thereby ensuring minimal maintenance after completion.


Drip System
Drip irrigation is the most efficient watering method around, proving that low flow is the way to go. Hardly any water is wasted through wind, evaporation, run-off or overspray.
Did you know that it can take 15 minutes to deliver just one litre of water to the soil with drip irrigation, compared to five seconds when delivering one litre by hand?
By slowly dripping water into the soil at the base of plants, water is released at a rate that's easy to absorb, only where it's needed. After all, why water the weeds?
Drip irrigation also reduces the risk of erosion, soil compaction and insect and fungal problems in plants. It's great for all garden areas.


Electronic controllers can water different garden zones at different times and even at different days fully automatically.

Rain switches


irrigation systems

A rain switch will turn off your  irrigation system during wet weather, preventing over watering and saving you money. A rain switch can be connected to most electronic automatic controllers.