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Vital Gardens applies sound garden construction techniques to meet industry and manufacturer standards.
We select the right material for the job, to match existing surroundings or create an entirely new feel for your garden.
We pride ourselves on the finest workmanship, knowledge and use of the right equipment to make the construction of your garden as quick and painless for you, the client, as possible without compromising on quality.
Garden construction for all situations
Client satisfaction
• Quality landscape design and construction
• Competitive prices

Pine Mulch

Pine Mulch is a terrific water and garden saver. It prevents evaporation by shielding the soil from the sun and reduces (water) run-off during rain or watering.
Mulch will stop most weeds from growing and you will find it easier to remove those that do. It will also cut down on the time you spend watering.
Most importantly, mulch will improve sandy and clay soils by adding organic matter and encouraging earthworms.